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VIP Bonus Bundle for Show Pig Conference

A note from Ryan and Jen, your hosts!

We fully understand that you are busy! You are trying to balance home, work, sports, and livestock! When you purchase the VIP Bonus Bundle, you will get access to replays of each of the valuable speaker presentations and extra resources! 

Not only will you get replays of each presentation, we are also adding an easy-to-listen-to customized podcast with the topics as well. Listen in your van or in the barn or as you are running to your next event!

In addition, some of our partners and sponsors have graciously agreed to provide additional content, coupons and more.

Successful people surround themselves with successful people. We want to help connect you to people who are successful in the show pig world. By purchasing the VIP Bonus Bundle, you are getting access to a list of breeders and people who are willing to mentor you and your showman along the way. THAT is invaluable.  

We don’t want you to miss out on this!

Ryan and Jen

Total value of the VIP Bonus Bundle: $1,000+

VIP Bonus Bundle for Show Pig Conference

VIP Bonus Bundle

Recordings + Mentorship + More
$ 87
  • All recordings from SPC 2024
  • Private Podcast from SPC 2024
  • Exclusive Workshops
  • and more!

Group Bonus Bundle

Recordings + Mentorship + More
$ 127
  • All recordings from SPC 2024
  • Private Podcast from SPC 2024
  • License to show recordings to group
  • Exclusive Workshops
  • and more!

Premium Bonuses from your Event Sponsors and Hosts

Recordings from Show Pig Conference

Event Recordings

Show Pig Conference
Value: $500+

We each can only catch some of the content of the entire conference. But with the VIP Bonus Bundle, you can watch ALL of the content from all of the wonderful speakers. That is over 14 hours of content. Don’t miss the awesomeness of this deal.

Show Pig Conference Private podcast

Private Podcast

Show Pig Conference
Value: $500+

Ain’t nobody got time to watch hours of video (or maybe you are an auditory learner). So take your learning out to the barn while you clean pens with a “binge-able” and “on-the-go” private podcast of the conference sessions.

Ryan and Jen Kline

Ask-Us-Anything Post Conference Call

Ryan and Jen Kline
Value: $79

Join Ryan and Jen on Monday evening (8:30 pm EST) following the conference. Ask us anything about the conference, our show pig experience, or anything else! 

Confessions of a Show Pig Mom

Jen Kline
Value: $79

Join Jen as she get real sharing the mountains and the valleys experienced as a show mom. Dig into what works for her young family and what definitely didn’t. Come prepared to laugh and have a conversation around the show mom world.

Meet the Expert Speakers

These are the amazing speakers you will hear at the Show Pig Conference. Each one has been carefully chosen for their expertise and their desire to teach you!

Main Stage Speakers

Jenna Meteer, headshot

Jenna Meteer

From a Judges Perspective
Cora Key headshot, National Swine Registry

Cora Key

Defining The Why: Becoming a Leader in the Industry
Dr. Brett Kaysen, headshot. National Pork Board

Dr. Brett Kaysen

Sick Pigs Don't Win - Biosecurity and Other Important Priorities from the Pork Checkoff

Feeding for Success

TrueNorth Technologies is providing expert speakers to share about feeding your pig for success, including a nutritionist and a former vet.

David Farnum, headshot, True North Technologies

David Farnum, DVM

Feeding Like a Pro: Secret Tips and Tricks
Image Coming Soon


Understanding Nutrition
David Farnum, headshot, True North Technologies

David Farnum, DVM

Separating Yourself from Others: Doing Things That Most Won't
David Farnum, headshot, True North Technologies

David Farnum, DVM

Showmanship Savvy

This track is filled with expert judges and successful showmen who are excited to share their knowledge with you.

Chloe Mabry headshot, speaker at Show Pig Conference

Chloe Mabry

Becoming an Elite Showman: How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Victoria Johnson

Success at Home: Winning Starts in the Backyard
Jenna Meteer, headshot

Jenna Meteer

Showmanship 101: Splitting Hairs: A Champion’s Choice is Consistency
Carman Montgomery headshot

Carman Montgomery

Whip-Breaking and Training Your Pigs
Isabella Nunez, shaking judge's hand

Isabella Nunez

Whip-Breaking and Training Your Pigs

Barn Basics

Here you will learn how to provide the best daily care for your pig at home through barn set-up, having a successful first 30 days, preventative care and vaccinations.

Jim Mccoy, headshot

Jim Mccoy

Pig selection: Choosing the RIGHT Ones to Feed
Kelly Morgan, headshot

Kelly Morgan

How to Successfully Jackpot
B.J. Eick Show Pig Conference

B.J. Eick

Receiving Pigs: Getting a Good Start
Julia Weaber, Surge

Julia Weaber

Healthy Pigs for Purple Ribbons

Master Class: Ideal for Showman with 3 Years Experience

This course is designed for participants with at least three years of showing experience to help them compete at state and national shows.

Seth Ebert Show Pigs

Seth Ebert

Livestock Judging: Understanding Structure and Functionality
Cora Key headshot, National Swine Registry

Cora Key

Competing and Winning Additional Competitions
Lynsee Shaffer Pullen, headshot

Lynsee Shaffer Pullen

Winning with Walton Webcasting: Studying to Become Elite

Maddie Fugate

Mindset Matters: Developing a Growth Mindset

Lena Kline

Mindset Matters: Developing a Growth Mindset

If you want more connections and more success, you can see you DON’T want to miss this event!

Total value of the VIP Bonus Bundle: $1000+

Designed to help you go from doing the “right things” and still not placing where you want to confidence and competence in the ring.

VIP Bonus Bundle for Show Pig Conference

Have questions about the VIP Bonus Bundle?

Speaker presentations are LIVE on February 3, 2024. You will be able to access them live on that day, or you will receive access to recordings about a week after the conference ends.

Many of the bonuses that come with the VIP Bonus Bundle are available now and you will receive instant access. All bonuses will be available by the date of the summit.

Yep! It is the same thing. 

We don’t offer price adjustments after the price has increased. Don’t miss the best deal!

We do not offer discounts. Please know you are getting an incredible value even if you have one (or more!) of the bonuses. 

We would love for you to share with our community on how a resource has helped you! This means so much to creators to hear how you have been helped by their product.

Due to the digital nature of this product, we are unable to offer refunds. Please look through the entire package before you commit. 

We are happy to help you! Please email with your questions. We will get back to you within 2-3 business days. 

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